About the Author

Beata Wojcik

Beata Wojcik was born in former communist Poland  in a decade far far away.  She and her family escaped PRL days before General Jaruzelski delared martial law in 1981 and jauntily moved into an Austrian refugee camp, until they immigrated to the U.S. the following year.

After learning English at Longfellow Elementary in Oak Park, Wojcik continued to learn Spanish, German and Japanese throughout high school and college, where she also earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. All her life she has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia, picking up snippets of other languages and polishing her wit.

She began writing in 2009 after reading Hugh Laurie’s The Gun Seller, concluding that if an actor can string together such humorous prose, so could an artist. And since her favorite authors weren’t putting out enough (novels), she made up for their slack by writing her own stories. Wojcik’s favorite authors include Nelson DeMille, Stephen King, Brian Haig, James Michener, Dave Barry, John Grisham and Michael Chrichton.

One day Wojcik hopes to explore Siberia, a vast, not-completely-frozen land about which little has been written. In the meantime she paints murals in southern California.


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